Camping am See Alt Schwerin
Camping am See Alt Schwerin

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the paradise


"The location of paradise has always been hotly debated.

But after particular news of my great-grandfather, Noah and the opinion of.....
our entire clan of paradise was in Mecklenburg.
And is still there today."
written in his usual, mildly ironic style -
Fritz Reuter, Mecklenburg`s most famous poet. 

many opportunities for your leisure

Close to the village Alt Schwerin you can do something like swimming, boating, hiking, playing tennis, sqash or golf.
You can find ridingplaces, divingschools, public baths a summer toboggan run, and maybe you can discover Troja. In Alt Schwerin we have also a famous agriculture museum, the new "Agroneum".
The nature reserve is close to the campground, near to us you can find a very interesting observation tower in the bog.
Only 15 min away by bicycle is an exhebition about the wildlifepark,
also you can visit the large "Mueritzeum" in Waren, close to the Mueritz National Park, germanys largest national park.