Camping am See Alt Schwerin
Camping am See Alt Schwerin

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the mecklenburg lake district

is the unique blue natural paradies, the land of thousand lakes, the biggest networked lake territory in europe.
In the middle of all is the lake "Mueritz", with 112 km² the largest lake in germany.
Our lake "Plauer See" is with an area of 38 km² the 7th biggest in germany.
Most of the lakes are connected by rivers and narrow channels. The waterways are wounderful connections for the big cities Hamburg and Berlin.

the small towns

like Waren (Müritz) prove that the Mecklenburg Lakes have more than just beautifull nature to offer. Marina passages and the proud "old towns" like the little town Malchow or Krakow are nice places to stay.
A visit to the church and the cloister of Malchow is well worth it and the town of Plau am See is also wounderful place for the Mecklenburg tourist.

1000 year history of Mecklenburg -Western Pommerania    

The towns and villages of the Mecklenburg Lake District are rich in old and venerable castles, fortified castles,
mansion-houses and manor houses, to which magnificent chestnut, oak or linden-tree avenues often lead.
Each of these old buildings has its own, often legendary, history.
Today they are open to visitors and offer fascinating insights into the past. Valuable collections of courtly art, furniture, miniatures and gilded decorations in Ludwigslust cardboard – a special kind of papier mâché - are among the surviving and well worth seeing items. The castle gardens, laid out with great attention to detail, complement the architectural ensembles and are a great attraction for visitors.
The castle of Schwerin is the cradle of the oranjes, prince Hendrik, the grandfather of queen Beatrix was born in the castle and
in the castle Hohenzieritz near Waren, whereQueen Louise of Prussia died 200 years ago.