Camping am See Alt Schwerin
Camping am See Alt Schwerin

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welcome to Alt Schwerin 

 water, wood &  silence

Alt Schwerin is situated in the middle of the mecklenburg lake district.
One of Europe`s most beautiful and largest series of linked water worlds is situated between Berlin and the baltic coastline.
The Mecklenburg Lake Districht in the north east of germany and near the little village Alt Schwerin on the lake "Plauer See" you can find our campground.
The lake Plauer See is larger than 15 sq.mi. and the biggest in germany.
Our campsite is more than 1100 yards long on the bank of the lake and only 65 yards wide.

our campsite

  • 3 star family campground
  • modern facilitys
  • more as 1000 m long and 60 meters wide only
  • the places subdivided with trees and hedges
  • 187 places for caravan,motorcaravan and tent, more as 50 % direct on the bank of the lake
  • places for caravans are situated on the bank and in the 2. row
  • places for motorcaravans near the lake on the 2. row
  • places for tents near the lakesite but protected with trees for wind
  • a small harbor for little boats from our guests
  • childrenplayground and a small beach
  • for your own children you don`t have to pay and they can use the animation for kids in summe toor
  • a pub and restaurant with a shop for rolls are on the campground


Our land of a thousend lakes
contain more as 2000 lakes, Not only the Müritz, the largest domestic lake in germany,
we have also the Plauer See, the Strelitz small lake plateau, the Feldberg lake landscape, Kölpinsee, Fleesensee and the Goldberg-Sternberg Landscape and amaong others Mecklenburg Lakes.
Sparkling lake landscapes alternate with shady woodland, lush green willows with golden yellow fields of oilseed rape.
Camomile, poppies and cornflowers mark field-edges; gnarled fruit trees, crooked willows and mighty chestnuts line the roads and waysides.
Map of the Mecklenburg Lake District In the many protected areas unique plant and animal kingdoms await you. This is the home of the otter, the sea eagle and the beaver, of now rare insects, amphibians and plants.  


Alt Schwerin

the smal village in the north of the lake "Plauer See" is famous for the nice agriculture museum.
It ll be reopening as the new AGRONEUM in 2012.

our campsite in Alt Schwerin
is situated in the north-east germany,
near by the motorway Berlin - Rostock (baltic sea) exit Malchow.
Camping am See is between Goldberg and Malchow on the federal road nr. 192. The way to the camp is direct on the federal road nr. 192 between Alt Schwerin and the crossbreed B 192 / B 103
You can go to Alt Schwerin at the motorway (A 19)Berlin - Rostock or from Hamburg to Berlin (A 24)
GPS: E: 12'31 85     N: 53'52 28